Sanyo/Panasonic GHP Systems

The Sanyo/Panasonic GHP (Gas driven heat pump)


The Sanyo/Panasonic GHP (Gas driven heat pump) uses clean burning natural gas for a highly effective operation with very limited use of electrical power.

A gas-fuelled engine drives the compressor that is at the heart of the Sanyo/Panasonic Gas Fired Heat Pump air conditioner (GHP) system.

There are many advantages to using the Sanyo/Panasonic GHP:

Sanyo GHP
  • Because there is no defrost operation, continuous heating is maintained even when external temperatures are extremely low, ideal for commercial offices/buildings.
  • Since electric power consumption is relatively low, as shown below (*when heating with 50 Hz power source), special high capacity electric power connections are not required.
    * Types 70, 90 : 0.70kw (approx.)
    * Types 120, 150, 190 :1.15kw (approx.)

Sanyo/Panasonic GHP requires regular inspections by a specialist engineer to ensure trouble-free operation of the system.

Since regular inspections are necessary to ensure long-term trouble-free use of the Sanyo/Panasonic gas-fired heat pump system after the warranty term ends, Evercold Technical Services are able to prepare and carry out the work required at the 5 year/10,000 hour service interval and the 10 year/20,000 hour service interval.

The major engine service includes amongst other things:-
Oil change, air filter change, valve check/adjustment, start-up check, engine coolant condition check/replacement, drain filter, an inspection of the fuel system and check of safety devices, spark plug check/replacement, compressor drive belts and refrigerant circuit checks as well as the collection of operation data.

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