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F-gas Regulation  

The European Union’s F-gas Regulation No 842/2006 became law on 4 July 2006. This imposes obligations on “operators” of this equipment from 4 July 2007. F-gases include the most common refrigerants in use today. The F-gas Regulation aims to minimize emissions of these gases, which affect global warming if they escape into the air.
“Operator means the natural or legal person exercising actual power over the technical functioning of the equipment and systems covered by this Regulation”
According to guidance and interpretation from the EC issued in 2008, the “actual power over the technical functioning” of a piece of equipment or system must include the following elements:
Free access to the system, which entails the possibility to supervise its components and their functioning, and the possibility to grant access to third parties;
The control over the day-to-day functioning/running (e.g. take the decision to switch it on or off);
The powers (including financial power) to decide on technical modifications (e.g. replacement of a component, installation of a permanent leak detector), modification of the quantities of F gases in the system, and to have checks or repairs carried out.
For stationary refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump units over 3kg charge (6kg if hermetic), operators must: 

  • Prevent leakage, and repair any leaks as soon as possible
  • Arrange proper refrigerant recovery by certified personnel during servicing and disposal
  • Carry out leak checks to the schedule shown below
  • Ensure that only certified competent personnel carry out leakage checks
  • Maintain records of refrigerants and of servicing

    Leak Testing Frequencies

Normal System 
Hermetically Sealed Systems 
Less than 3kg
Less than 6kg 
3kg to 30kg
6kg to 30kg
6 monthly
30kg to 300kg
30kg to 300kg
Greater than 300kg
  Greater than 300kg

*Half this frequency if fitted with automatic leak detection

Evercold Technical Services are registered with REFCOM to carry out all F-Gas Regulation related installation, servicing and maintenance works on your behalf and all operatives are trained to do so. 
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